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About Evgenia (Photographer)

Hi, I’m Evgenia Kostiaeva, a destination wedding photographer who works in a Paradise called Puerto Vallarta. My photos are simple, elegant and fresh, they transmit love and happiness. I carefully build each shoot before making a click, that is why my pictures don’t need months of editing and they will be ready no later than two weeks after the big day.

I know how much effort you have put into this special day. I understand the feelings involved and your commitment to each other. I understand the importance of the search for the perfect dress and the perfect place, and I know that you want to keep these memories forever. There is no better way to ensure their permanence then to entrust yourself to the eye of a photographer who can preserve them for you. You need someone who can capture your emotions, and those of your family and friends. You need someone who will be able to create a photograph that 25 years from now will bring you back to that event.

I understand the trust my clients put in me and I know this special occasion is unique. Thus my mission as a photographer is to reflect the happiness, love, and joy of that day so that it can be felt years from now by your children and grandchildren looking at the photographs.

Wedding Photographer Evgenia Kostiaeva

About Maxim (Photographer & Film Maker)

Hello, this is Maxim! I'm a Wedding Film Maker and Photographer based in Europe, every winter season I'm traveling to other parts of the world and work as a Wedding Film Maker (not the same as a Videographer) and Wedding Photographer, this winter 2016 - 2017 I'm coming to the beautiful Puerto Vallarta and work with Evgenia, with whom I've worked several times already. I have experience working in Spain, The Netherlands, Russia... And I'm very excited to work in Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita.

Enjoy all — it is a holiday just for the two of you, because you know exactly what it should be. Follow your desires, let your wedding will be a reflection of your love. And the meaning of our work — to keep and remind you what you felt on that day. And give you a chance to re-think every moment of your story. The story of two loving hearts.

I describe my photography style as photo journalism, a kind of reportage style, all my photos reflects the moment and emotions that I will keep for you

Wedding Videographer Puerto Vallarta


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